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Why is Magic right for you?

We help you get job offers at your desired salary exclusively from companies that meet your specified criteria. Your identity and contact details remain anonymous until you agree to an interview.

Get the desired salary

No more offers from companies that exclude salary information.

Save your time

No more interviews that leave you wondering if the company will pay your desired salary.

No recruiters. Stay private

No more calls and messages from recruiters on LinkedIn and other platforms.

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How does Magic work?

Your time is precious. Therefore, we combine our matching technology and human expertise to save you time and find your perfect job.

1. Create Profile
Signing up is a simple and quick process. It takes 1 minute. And it's free.
2. Receive offers
No spam. You will only receive offers that strictly meet your criteria, which you specify in your profile.
3. Get Hired
Compare interview requests and say "yes" to the ones that you like. Finally, choose the company you prefer.
choose a job you love

Choose a job you love

Let us help you find the perfect job. Set up your requirements. We'll do the rest. We will only show you offers that meet your criteria:

Annual Salary
Company Location
Industry and Tech Stack

Companies commit on salary

All Magic companies are committed to paying no less than your desired salary, regardless of your race, gender, or location.

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Companies commit on salary

Our Talent Stories

We're proud of all the talented people that have chosen Magic to help find their dream jobs.

"I had a great experience, the application process was quite simple.
You can skip the hassle of applying to companies and instead allow companies to find you."
Robert Howell
Hired as CTO by MetMe
"Thanks to Magic team, I received 11 offers from companies that I really like, and that is just within two weeks since I created my profile."
Jenny Soh
Hired as Senior Golang Engineer by SmartSolutions
"This is an amazing idea! The whole recruitment process definitely needs more transparency."
Paula King
Hired as Senior Frontend engineer by BRSH Design

Frequently asked questions

I'm happy with my current job, so why should I sign up?

Magic is a platform for passive job seekers. You can effortlessly keep track of all opportunities on the market.

How is Magic different from other job platforms?

Our swift, efficient services ensure that you will only receive offers that strictly meet your pre-set criteria.

Am I completely anonymous?

Yes, one of our primary objectives is to keep you completely anonymous, until you agree to an interview.

What will it cost me?

There is no membership or sign-up fee with Magic. It is completely free for job seekers from sign up to starting their dream job.